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Community Spirituality and Religion
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In this film you will journey through a miraculous place where its features-mass, structure, temperature and so on-are designed "just right for life and for the survival of living beings". That is our EarthÃÂ Millions of animals, plants, insects and sea creatures, all with different structures, colors and features live together on this special planet. The great harmony on Earth and the wonderful life on it are proofs of the existence of God and the artistry of His creation.
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Community Video
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Topic: sea
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In Mission 138 we take the Mother Ship under the sea to explore mermaids with author, Varla Ventura! For centuries seafarers have whispered, talked, and sang songs to the legend of the mermaid. A half fish, half woman, she appears not just in Disney films alongside singing crabs, but in the folklore of America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. These creatures show up again and again in popular culture and fiction, but also lately on video clips and in photographs. Are they just myth, or is there...
Topics: talk&interview, mermaids, varla ventura, legend, sea, ocean
TED Talks
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Evan Grant demonstrates the science and art of cymatics, a process for making soundwaves visible. Useful for analyzing complex sounds (like dolphin calls), it also makes complex and beautiful designs.
Topics: TEDTalks, TED, Talks, design, math, presentation, science, visualizations, TEDGlobal 2009, 2009